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Year 9 Ready Steady Cook Competition

The competition was again very kindly held at Ullswater Community College who are thanked for their generous support. Each finalist received a book, certificate and in July will be shown behind the scenes of food establishments in Centre Parcs.
These prizes are kindly given by Penrith Rotarians who are the main sponsors of this event as well as Cranstons and James Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.
The Rotarians who took a major role in the organisation of the event were Syd Monk, Alex Buchan and the President Charles Shepherd attended the event.
All students from both schools produced some stunning dishes. The winner from UCC was Ella Davidson and the winner from QEGS was Megan Heath who was also overall winner. Both received vouchers as prizes.
The Judges were Abe Camacho Senior Sous Chef at North Lakes Hotel. Mr D Nicholls Executive Sous Chef at Centre Parcs and Mrs Pat Russell Lake District School of Food and Wine who said ‘The standard seems to get higher every year!’
Mrs Atkinson would like to thank Mrs Cuthbertson from UCC for her support and help in setting up this competition and the Year 9 supporters who made a huge difference when it came to clearing away after the event.

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