Mr P Buckland
Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum & Assessment)
Dr E Mawson
Assistant Headteacher (Learning & Teaching)
Mr R Dawson
Assistant Headteacher (Student Welfare)
Mrs R Chapman
Joint Heads of Sixth Form
Miss V Smith & Mr A Martin
Head of Year 11
Mr S Jones
Head of Year 10
Mrs R Vowles
Head of Year 9
Miss R Delbridge
Head of Year 8
Mr K Rinder
Head of Year 7
Mrs E Wilkinson
Teaching Staff
Mrs S Atkinson, BEd - Head of Food and Textiles
Mrs M J Bagot, BA, PGCE - Head of Music/English
Mr P Baines, BSc  - History
Mrs J Bellas, BA, PGCE - SENCo/Head of Learning Support
Mrs C Bent, BSc, PGCE  - Chemistry
Mrs R Bills, BMus, PGCE - Music
Mr M R Brennan, BSc, PGCE - Physics
Miss C Brown, BA, QTS - Physical Education
Mr P Buckland MA, PGCE, NPQH - English
Mrs S Chadwick, MA, PGCE - Second in Modern Foreign Languages
Mr T Chadwick, BSc, PGCE - Environmental Studies
Mrs R J C Chapman, MA, QTS - Languages
Mrs C Clay, MA, PGCE - Design and Technology/Art
Miss D S Coates, MA, PGCE - Head of Drama
Mr S Conner, BSc, PGCE  - Second in Mathematics
Mrs S C Cooke, BA, PGCE - Head of English
Mrs K J Davies, BA, PGCE - RE/Citizenship and PSHE Co-ordinator
Mrs C Dawson, BA, PGCE - Languages
Mr R Dawson, BA, QTS - PE/General Studies
Miss R J Delbridge, MSc, PGCE - Second in PE
Mr J A Douglas, BSc, PGCE - Head of Earth Sciences
Mr M Ellis, BA, PGCE - Head of ICT/Geography
Mr M Fellows, BA, PGCE - RE/ICT/PSHE
Miss M Fergus, BSc, PGCE - Biology
Mr A J Field, Bsc, PGCE - Information Technology/Network Manager
Mr K Finlinson, BSc, PGCE - Head of Science/Head of Biology
Mrs N Ford, BSc, QTS - Head of Mathematics
Mr A M Frost, MA, PGCE - English
Dr M R Gill, BSc, PhD - Biology
Mrs E Hamilton BSc, PGCE - Maths/Economics
Mr S Harrison, BA, PGCE - Head of Graphics, Resistant Materials and Engineering
Miss M Houlan, BA, PGCE - Geography
Dr S Ireland, MSc, PhD, PGCE - Head of Chemistry
Mrs K C Johnston, HLTA - Life Skills/Outdoor Pursuits/Residential
Mr S A Jones, BSc,PGCE - Mathematics/PE
Mrs K E Judge, BA, PGCE - History/Business & Economics
Mr A Lambert, MA - English
Mr M March, BSc, PGCE - Maths
Mr A P G Martin, BA, PGCE - Head of Human Sciences
Mr R Mason, BA, PGCE - Geography
Dr E Mawson, BA, MBA, EdD, PGCE - Maths
Dr A G McConkey, BSc, PhD, PGCE - Physics
Mr M D R Nightingale, BSc, QTS - Physics
Mrs S McWiliams, BA, PGCE - Drama
Mr D Proctor, BA, PGCE - Head of RE
Mr W Purcell, BA, LLM, PGCE - English
Miss P Reeves, BA, PGDE - English
Mrs L N Reid, BA, PGCE - Languages
Mr K Rinder, BA, PGCE - Geography/PE
Mrs H E Sadowski, BA, PGCE - Head of Art
Mrs M A Sait, BA, PGCE - Languages
Miss V R Smith, BA, PGCE - History
Mrs J L Stewart, BA, PGCE - Second in English/NQT and ITT
Mrs L Stockdale, BEd - Music
Mr S St John, BEng, PGCE - Head of Physics
Mrs S Swindlehurst, BSc, QTS - Geology
Mrs J E Telford, MSc, PGCE - Biology
Mrs S A Thwaytes, BSc, PGCE - Chemistry
Mrs R L Vowles, BSc, PGCE - Biology
Mr A Weston, BEd - Maths
Mrs E J Wilkinson, BA, PGCE - Geography/PE
Mrs D Wilson, BA, PGCE - Languages/Rm 1 Cover Supervisor
Mr J C Wilson, BA, PGCE - Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr A C Worth, BA, PGCE - Head of PE/Reports, Rewards & Sanctions
Administrative Staff
Mrs J E Armstrong - Finance Officer
Mr D Chappell - Head of Finance and Facilities
Mrs K Ellwood - Examinations Officer
Mrs J Grindrod - Payroll Officer
Mrs C A Lamberti - Secretary to Senior Management Team
Mrs C Richards - Headteacher's PA
Mrs U Taylor - Administrator/SIMS Co-ordinator
Mrs S Warner - Cover Manager/Work Experience Co-ordinator
School Reception Staff
Miss Gillian Combellack - Receptionist
Mrs T Fraser - Reprographics Technician/Receptionist
Attendance and Support
Mrs Carmen Lowes - Attendance & Support Officer
School Library Staff
Mrs V Marshall,BA, MA - Librarian
Mrs Kimberley Lawson, BSc - Assistant Librarian
Mrs L Hancox  - 'Safe Place To Be' Supervisor
Technical Staff
Miss E L Anderson,BA - Art Technician
Miss L Cannon - Science Technician
Mr Ben Cutting - Senior IT Technician
Mr Robert Hartland - Apprentice IT Technician
Mrs KC Johnston, HLTA - Technical Assistant (DT/Drama/PE)
Mrs H M Martin, HNC - Senior Science Technician
Mr N Powley - DT Technician
Mrs L Ryan  - Science Technician
Mrs L Hanson-Wilcox - Learning Support/Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Lockley - Learning Support/Teachning Assistant
Mr M Fountain - Learning Support/Teachning Assistant
Site Staff
Mr M Woodhall - Site Manager
Mr N Henderson - Assistant Site Manager
Catering Staff
Mrs G M Black - Catering Manager
Midday Supervisors
Mrs J Brittle   Midday Supervisor
Miss J Jenner   Midday Supervisor
Mrs A Thompson   Midday Supervisor
Peripatetic Staff
H Bailey - Oboe
G Bartholomew - Brass/Swing Band Leader
I Butterworth - Brass
J Cobby - Piano
B Gilbertson - Strings/Voice
C Jackson - Voice
G Linsley - Saxophone
A McQuiston - Cello
R Rigby - Drum/Percussion
A Roze - Guitar
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IT Support