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Welcome to Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Sixth Form

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For external applicants please click on Admissions in the top bar, then Year 12 from the menu.


What will be the same and what will be different  from life in years 10 and 11?


  • You must attend all morning registration periods (8:50am) and two assemblies each week.
  • You will still have taught lessons.
  • You still follow the structure of the school day, attending assemblies and morning registration/tutor time.
  • The Games option system continues.
  • There will still be homework set, and deadlines to meet.
  • You will continue to be good ambassadors for the school and show due care and consideration for others.


  • Unlike years 10 and 11 where you had to study a large number  of subjects, you have now chosen 3/4 academic subjects in which you have an  interest and proven ability. Consequently, staff will be hoping for an enthusiastic  and committed approach to work. Remember, you are past the age of compulsory  education; it is your choice to be here! You are building a foundation for your  future so make the most of it.
  • You are responsible for managing your time much more. You need to manage your  social life, possible part time employment, sport and extra curricular  interests, as well as your schoolwork. The key is to find the right balance  between all these demands. There is no set formula for this; you need to strike  this balance to suit your particular strengths. Throughout the two years, you  may need to adapt this to fit changing demands and needs.          
  • Year 12 is a stepping-stone between formal school and further  study, probably at university, where you will be an independent learner.  Lecturers will not chase you for work or remind you about deadlines, or supply  you with copious notes and support! So, in the sixth form, you have to  undertake background reading and study in support of your studies. This is  important. You should also make sure you catch up on any missed work; this is  your responsibility, not your teachers’ nor your friends’ nor your parents’. We  advise that you spend a minimum of two hours of private study each day.
  • You will find a different, more informal way of working with your teachers.  Hopefully, you will be in smaller teaching groups and this should encourage you  to take responsibility for your learning, asking more questions and challenging  ideas more openly.
  • School uniform has been replaced with a dress code. This is not a free for  all. We expect you to dress smartly, as would be appropriate in any working  environment. See the sixth form guide for details.
  • Privileges include exemption from afternoon registration and freedom to leave  the school site during study periods and at lunchtime. You may eat in the rooms  of the sixth form centre; use the snack facilities in the common room, use  mobile phones and MP3s etc in the sixth form centre (but please do not use your  phone on the main school site). There are 14 IT stations in the common room, 15  in the library and 2 in S6 for your exclusive use. There is a separate council  to discuss sixth form issues and suggestions for improvement.

Overall, the main aim is for you to establish an  effective and productive work/life regime, so you can achieve the highest  grades possible. Therefore, we do not ask you to undertake many extra roles,  either within the school community or outside in the wider world. This will  change in year 13, by which time you should have settled in well and be able to  develop to your full potential.

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